TMUX Cheatsheet can be found here

For another excellent resource on learning tmux, check out IppSec's video: Link

All TMUX commands start with control + b

Session Management

To detach from a session control + b + d

To review all open sessions we run:

tmux ls

When you create a tmux session without any set name, it defaults to a number - 0

To attach to this session once it's detached ( tmux + ctrl + b + d) we can do:

tmux a -t 0

Windows Management

To create a new "Window" in TMUX, create your session, then type:

control + b + c

Copy Mode

To enter copy mode, we use:

control + b + [

This will allow us an interactive window to scroll in

Some useful commands to keep in mind while in copy mode:

  • ctrl + b + [ (enters copy mode)

  • ctrl + b + g (go to top)

  • ctrl + b + G (go to bottom)

  • ctrl + b + q (quit)

To select a window, make sure you are not in an attached session, to check run:

tmux ls

This will let you know if you are attached, to detach run ctrl + b + d, then we can attach to a new window by running:

ctrl + b + <window number>

Pane Management

Useful commands:

  • ctrl + b + % (split the panes vertically)

  • ctrl + b + " (split the panes horizontally)

We can also resize these panes by holding down the key combo and pressing the arrow keys, try it out now!

ctrl + b + w (lists all active windows, and allows for selection) ctrl + b + & (kills windows)

If a pane becomes unresponsive, run ctrl + b + x

To kill a pane via command, run:


tmux new -s neat


Download Byobu (another terminal multiplexer) through the following site, here

Useful commands:

  • ctrl + a + f2 = new window

  • ctrl + a + shift + f2 = horizontal split

  • ctrl + a + ctrl + f2 = vertical split

  • ctrl + a + ctrl + f6 = kill focused split